How to Use the Information

The purpose of predicting the risk before infection is to support decisions of people at high risk, who would otherwise experience adverse health outcomes, on protection and self-isolation in particular. Through those persons taking extra precautions, pressures on hospitals and clinicians can be lessened and the overall mortality rate reduced.

Benefitting from the use of an API version of the Calculator can be:

  • Clinicians and Hospital Management – The risk scores for admitted patients with Covid-19 helping prioritise care and improve bed management.
  • Public Health authorities and Governments – The risk scores within a given geography supporting planning, decisions on shielding, prioritising vaccinations and carrying out disease control.
  • Clinicians’ Telephone Assessments and Remote Consultations – The risk scores supporting advice on lifestyle for their patients

Regardless of the risk level, people should avoid exposure to any strain of the new Coronavirus.